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Office partition systems are manufactured in a factory environment to meet all architectural needs.




Our office partition wall system, which has fast production, assembly, disassembly with its modular structure, is suitable for Modern Architecture and meets the demands we need in today's offices with its perfect details.

Invisible glass profile, bonding glass system, painted glass modules and solid modules, transparent glass, film coating on glass, blinds between two glasses, melamine or laminated coating on chipboard, wood door and glass door alternatives.


Wall thickness; 100 mm

Main bearing profiles; aluminum or galvanized steel bearing profiles measuring 60 x 30 x 1.8 mm  

Corner profiles; 90 degree or versatile aluminum corners    

Module widths; dimensions in accordance with architectural needs    

Module heights; up to 3500 mm and decimals  

Tolerance; 20 mm in height and width

Weight; 35-45 kg / m2

Aluminum profiles; E6 / EV1 anodized coating or electrostatic Powder Coating  

Profile thicknesses; 1.8-2 mm aluminum  

Glazed modules; Demontable partition system with semi-monoblock or full monoblock glued glazed modules

Glass features; clear glasses bronze, smoked, blue - tinted glasses, Antireflect glasses, extra Clear glasses, opaque glasses

Glass types; 2 x 4 mm tempered Ral code border painted or complete painted double Glass, 2 x 6 mm tempered Ral code border painted or complete painted double glass    

Joints; 6 mm width-special rubber-based seal that prevents sound passage between joints horizontally and vertically

Filled modules; panel edges 1-2 mm PVC tape, E1 quality 18 mm thickness melamine or MDF Lamina panels        

Filled module surfaces; melamine - HPL laminate coating - natural wood coating - fabric-painted glass on MDF Panel  

Blinds; Metal or wooden blinds between two glasses - motorized remote control blinds    

Sound insulation; Rwp < 47 db  

Insulation material; 50 mm thick Glasswool and rockwool insulation material      

Door frames; Hinge and lock equivalents are the same size, suitable for right and left mounting when requested  

In form that leaves no need for a lock  

Door Accessories; System-specific hinges - office type ball locks - glass door locks - Barelli type wooden door locks and handles, cable channel profiles - door closers - card pass systems - Stoppers    

Door wings; D101-8-10 mm tempered profiled glass door wings - tempered laminated Ral code painted glass door wings D102 - melamine, laminate coated, natural wood coated, lacquered wood door wings  

D103 - 8-10 mm tempered glass with aluminum frame-Hoppe glass lock door wings    

D104-tempered Ral code painted glass door wings        

Technical Details
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